Why Shouldn’t You Share Fake News?


CoronaVirus is not a thing to take lightly. We have many things in the past about the corona Virus. We should be careful with this Virus.

When you share fake new few things happens.

  1. People start sharing it with their own WhatsApp and Facebook stories.
  2. This Start getting Viral & many people start believing and following the same thing
  3. A person can die because of fake news.

How to Verify News?

You can verify news online By just typing the news headline in Google.com. You will get plenty of news related.

Before Sharing Anything verify that news with your friends and family.

Why I am Writing to not to Share News Which is Unverified?

People are blindly forwarding everything that they get in their inbox. This has lead to death.

As you all saw yesterday at 5 P.M, How people went out and celebrated it like a festival. Everything was done for their protection but they think that was a celebration day.

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